Mahavatar Babaji






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Video short of Mahavatar Babaji. The mysterious yogi of the east, the deathless guru and kriya yoga master. Om Kriya Babaji Namah Aum.

Painting by Nandhi.

running time: 5 minutes

Trying to explain Babaji is like to trying to explain air or water. One of them is invisible and the other one is clear. They can only be described by what they are. They exist because they exist. They're everywhere. You can break them down by molecular structure to talk about them, but if you ask the average Joe on the street what air is or what water is you're likely to get a response that has something to do with him. Maybe he'll say air is what he breathes, water is what he drinks. Air is the reason he's alive, water is how he gets clean. If you ask him what either of these two things look like. He'll probably get tongue tied for a little bit. And then, as he tries to explain, he'll probably shift into a more poetic or metaphorical way of speaking.

Few people have seen the deathless guru. They say he's fairly small, in great shape, has long hair and intense eyes. They also say he's radiant and commanding with plant-like skin. Sometimes he's called the guru's guru or the teacher's teacher. He's been around for hundreds or thousands of years and there's lots of stories about him. Nearly all of them are spectacular. He's the eternal youth. The immortal yogi. He shows up swinging in hammocks, eating bananas and telling jokes. He comes through windows riding on sunbeams, full of smiles and answers. He's described as the most playful of all the enlightened beings. He's also described as the most no nonsense. There's an interesting story about an average guy who found his way to Mahavatar Babaji.

He climbed up the face of a cliff to get to the guru and when he finally did, he told him about how far he'd traveled and how much he wanted to stay and become his student. Babaji said he couldn't take him in his present state and went back to what he was doing. The guy was heart broken. He'd spent his entire life working toward that very moment. He told the master if he didn't take him he'd jump and be done with it. Babaji said go ahead and jump. The guy was shattered. Within seconds he hurled himself over the edge of the cliff and hit the ground lifeless. Babaji then asked some of his associates to go down and get him. After he was brought back up, Baba put his hand over the dead man's chest, breathed new life into him, and said, now I can take you.